About Me

I am a Computer Science Engineering student at Bennett University, Delhi NCR. I come from Navi Mumbai. I have always been very curious, and I love to implement theory in practice in order to learn and improve my skills. I use VS Code as my editor and Ubuntu and Windows are my choice of operating systems.

My Work

My Skillset

My skills include core C/C++ development, machine learning and data science, REST API and backend web development with NodeJS, Python and PHP. I love open source, and have worked with multiple open source organizations. I have participated in Google Summer of Code with FreeType to develop Docwriter and add WOFF2 font format support.

In a Nutshell

I love code, and I love it when the code I write helps people.


Work Experience

During Summer 2019, I interned at Commvault and worked to facilitate Disaster Recovery backups to Commvault Cloud using Azure. I worked with ASP.NET Core, Java, AngularJS and SQL.


Open Source

I value open-source code, and love contributing and engaging with open-source communities. I have participated in Google Summer of Code during my summer breaks, working on FreeType to improve both developer and user experience.